The Backward Classes also known as socially and educationally Backward Classes belong to a social group which was deprived of basic rights such as education, property and political power due to the historically existing hierarchy based social order of India. In order to set this right , social movements took place that were led by Goutham Buddha in ancient period, Basaveswara during medieval period and Mahatma Jothiba Phule, Sri Narayana Guru, Periyar and Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar in modern period.

In historical legacy of social movements, the rule of law, Social Justice, Democratic political system and reservation have become part of the Indian Constitution. In response to growing awareness, mobilization, assertion and demand for rights ad entitlement the First All India Backward Classes Commission under the Chairmanship of Kakakalelkar was appointed. The commission had submitted its report with several recommendations, but there was hardly any discussion in Parliament. As a result the Backward Classes could not get due share in decision making and developmental policies...


1. Highly Knowledgeable Patrons available in Research Teams whose only ambition is to empower the B.C. Communities in all fields of study.
2. Two Floors have been dedicated for the activities of the B.C. Empowerment Centre
3. The B.C. Empowerment Centre has well equipped facilities as mentioned below:
  A.  Meeting Hall which can accommodate 200 - 300 participants capacity
  B.  A Round Table Conference Hall with 75 - 100 participants capacity
  C.  A Training Hall with 35 - 50 participants capacity

4. All Halls / Rooms are equipped with latest Infrastructure as mentioned below
  A.  Latest LCD Projector for Power Point / Media Presentations
  B.  Fully Air Conditioned facility
  C.  White Boards, Microphones both Wired and Cordless
  D.  Latest Video Conferencing Facilities

Tulla Devender Goud Garu
Founder of BCCE
People of backward classes are deprived of political power despite of our higher percentage in the population of our country. We remained just as vote bank, enabling few castes and classes to hold the reins of governance, because of the reason that the backward classes’ people belong to several castes and hence not marching a head united. Even after 65 years of our independence we are compelled to agitate on roads for our rights and minimum needs, which is a pitiable condition.